Bulk SMS


Bulk SMS

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. Studies have revealed that 97% of SMS text messages are read by the cell phone owner and 90% of those SMS text messages are read in the first 4-6 minutes of delivery! Such is the reach of a SMS.

Technology has made advertising easy as well as competitive for business owners. Television, radio and internet are seen as the biggest platforms for organizations to advertise. But, the cheapest and most widespread marketing tool is a SMS service.

Since people are spending so much time on their mobile phone, more than television, laptop, computer or books, they can be easily reached by businesses to promote their products and services.

Bulk SMS means sending of SMS by businesses to mobile phone owners who may be potential customers. Many banks, educational institutions, companies, small businesses and even government is using this powerful marketing tool.

Many large organizations use conventional methods of advertising, but businesses that understand the latest technological forms of advertising find bulk SMS effective.

You need to find a Bulk SMS provider in India that will provide this service so that your advertising reached the target audience.

Best Bulk SMS Service in Hyderabad

Bulk SMS service in Hyderabad is observed to be a successful form of advertising that any other form in the city. The traditional forms of marketing have become outdated. Businesses are being pressed to search out for creative methods of marketing. Bulk SMS is one such method.

We, Sunday Web Service are a Bulk SMS service provider in Hyderabad, help our clients grow their business and reach out any to a mobile anywhere in the world. Our bulk SMS services help your business:

    As opposed to other forms of marketing, bulk SMS does not keep you pondering whether your advertising has reached the target audience or not. We reach out to people who are open to getting your product/service information or might have asked for it.

    Our bulk SMS marketing campaigns are employed with low cost, enabling you to reach to a wider audience quickly and effectively.

    Bulk SMS can be sent fast and read quickly. So if you want your information to reach to people swiftly, read and responded to quickly then choose us, the top bulk SMS service in Hyderabad.

    Our bulk SMS solutions improve your company's image. Marketing brands through SMS is a sophisticated way of advertising. Thus, improving our client's brand image.

Bulk SMS Strategies in Hyderabad

As one of the Best bulk SMS services in Hyderabad, we provide innovative marketing tools to generate business leads.

Our bulk SMS software program allows you to send messages to many mobile users at very compelling prices with incredible reliability. Our web-based and excel plug-in software are capable of sending instant messages across India regardless of the mobile network carrier.

This software allows our clients to send individualised messages to prospective customers. This message would remain in their inbox until the receiver deletes it. If the customer has no urgent requirement of your service, he can contact you anytime when the need arises, as he has your SMS in his inbox.

In this competitive business world, everyone wants to be at the top. At Sunday Web Service, we offer innovative business ideas in terms of SMS and email.

We understand every client's need and suggest them the best services that will help their business grow making us the Best bulk SMS services in Hyderabad.

Bulk SMS Packages

At Sunday Web Service, our core bulk SMS services include transactional SMS and promotional SMS.

Our transactional bulk SMS services are ideal for sending alerts/reminders/updates to your existing clients. It is easy to send bulk SMS throughout the globe with user-friendly web interface.

These SMS are suitable for important and urgent notifications like banking transactions, online payment transactions, stock market tips, website login credentials, logistic tracking details, mobile currency recharges, system failure notifications, and updates to parents from a school.

Our promotional bulk SMS create awareness about your brand, product or any offer in a second with a single click by sending bulk SMS. You can send your customers new offers, new products or information on any upcoming events right away.

These SMS are time bound targeted marketing activities like service renewal reminders, and exclusive up-selling and cross-selling offers.

Our Bulk SMS India services are customized according to the varying needs of the clients. The clients are allowed to choose from a variety of packages depending upon their requirements.

Our dedicated team of professionals considers your requirements and helps you in best possible way to make your messaging campaign a big hit for your business.

So let us, the Best bulk SMS providers, help you reach your target customers with our reliable bulk SMS services.

Our commitment to clients, affordable pricing and friendly support make us the Best bulk SMS services in India.